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Road Traffic Safety at Volvo Group

Traffic Safety has been at the heart of what we do since the Volvo Group was founded over 90 years ago, and it is an equally vital part of our future of driving prosperity through transport solutions.?

As a global supplier of transport solutions, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to both a safer traffic environment for people all over the world, and to a safer work environment for the drivers and operators who use our products. Our safety measures make a difference.

Our Safety vision (PDF, 0.176 MB)?is zero accidents with Volvo Group products.?As long as people are harmed on road, off road, in the city, or at sea we will strive towards zero accidents by offering high quality and?innovative products
that reduce both the number of?accidents and their consequences (PDF, 5.7 MB).?Our accident research team and road safety experts investigate the causes of real-life accidents and deliver crucial know-how, enabling us to develop pioneering traffic safety solutions with real safety benefits.?

We have an ambitious long-term objective when it comes to safety: we want there to be zero accidents involving products from the Volvo Group.

Martin Lundstedt President and CEO, Volvo Group

We work rigorously both on our own and in collaboration with other stakeholders in society to ensure progress in all dimensions needed to deliver a safer transport system for all. We address the issues holistically and systematically to deliver important technologies, training and skill of operators, safer road user behavior, as well as advocating ambitious evidence-based transport policies.

We believe improving traffic and work site safety is crucial for driving growth and prosperity, and to deliver on the?UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Road safety expertise and research

Man in a truck winking to children on the street | Report: Global Road Safety Scenarios

Report: Global Road Safety Scenarios

When discussing road safety and traffic safety measures in a global perspective it is important to have relevant and updated facts.?Volvo Group and Safer Research Centre at Chalmers have put together a study to establish a foundation for development of future scenarios that can help implement and identify true road safety improvements.

Volvo Group Safer Global Road Safety Scenarios (PDF, 6.6 MB)
The most common accidents

The Most Common Accidents

Road accidents happen. They can be minor, they can be severe, and they can be?everything?in-between. Each accident?holds critical insights that can contribute to ways we can improve the road safety for all users.

The most common accidents
European Accident Research and Safety Report

European Accident Research & Safety Report

Volvo has studied and analyzed a large number of accidents involving trucks since 1969. The information gained is one of the most important bases for the design and development of our trucks. Volvo’s in-house research, along with statistics and research findings from European authorities and academics, form the basis of this report.

European Accident Research and Safety Report (PDF, 5.4 MB)
Accident Research Team

Accident Research Team

Since 1969, we’ve had a team dedicated?to understanding?why road accidents?happen. Their work with traffic safety helps us develop safety?related?improvements?so?that?one day,?we may avoid road accidents altogether.

Here’s their story

Safety solutions around the Group

Volvo Trucks safety solutions

Safety at Volvo Trucks

Safety at Volvo Trucks
Safety at Volvo Buses
Safety at Volvo CE
Safety at Volvo Penta

Safety education

Safety through awareness and driver training

Safety Through Awareness and Driver Training

With the fast pace of today’s traffic, it is vital that as many people as possible are aware of the risks in order to avoid accidents.?The Volvo Group runs traffic and site safety programs for drivers, operators and the public all over the world.?

Learn more about training and awareness
Volvo Trucks safety education - Stop, look, wave

Stop Look Wave

Through our traffic research analysis of real-life accidents, it is clear that the majority of road accidents involve human behavior.?Children are the most vulnerable of all road traffic users. Stop Look Wave?is designed to teach children all around the world about the dangers they face in traffic every day.

Learn more about keeping children safe in traffic
Volvo Trucks safety education - See and be seen

See and be Seen

Our ‘See and be Seen’ initiative focuses on awareness in traffic. See and be Seen’?features activities that demonstrate how to improve safety in the interaction between cyclists and truck drivers.

Learn more about keeping cyclists safe in traffic

Voices on safety

Claes Avedal

Claes Avedal

Claes, working with product planning, gives his view on one of our strongest values - safety.

Laurent Decoster

Laurent Decoster

Laurent, ACC and CWEB function owner, about emergency braking and how we have introduced it in to production.


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